Church is so much more than just a Sunday morning, but just as a family will gather together for a meal, we gather together every Sunday morning at 10:30am. Whether the week has been good or bad, we meet to encourage one another and ultimately meet God in worship, teaching and ministry.

We'd love for you to join us; you can come to the church building to be with us in person, or you can watch the online stream which is linked on our homepage.

The church provides something for all age groups. There are facilities for toddlers and groups for school aged children.

Please note, during the month of August, freedomkids and freedomtots will not be running. The room and toys will be availble for you to use however you will need to ensure that your child is supervised at all times.

Location: freedomcentre, Unit 6, Hardy Close, Ashton, Preston PR2 2XP - (For Satnav, use PR2 2YL)

Other Sunday questions.

Most people dress casually but feel free to wear what you like!

Free car parking is available in the carpark in front of the building.

Our gatherings start with a time of celebration and sung worship. This normally lasts fifteen minutes. All the words are on the screen so you can sing along if you would like to but there is no pressure; feel free to engage at your own pace. We break for drinks half way through when the tots, kids and youth can leave for their groups. There'll be a talk that's usually around thirty mins and chance for another drink and chat afterwards if you want hang around and say hi.

FreedomKids, FreedomTots and FreedomYouth run every Sunday while the talky bit is happening in the main service. The hospitality team will be able to introduce you to those running the groups. There is also a feeding room available for mums with babies.